Azad Jammu & Kashmir has its own Interim Constitution which regulates and controls the Azad Government and its functionaries.

The Government System is Parliamentary, having a President as the head of the State, a Prime Minister – the Executive Head, Cabinet of Ministers chosen from among the representatives elected by the people of the State.

The State has a Legislative Assembly consisting of elected representatives from all parts of the State.  Elections are held under the supervision and control of an independent Election Commission having permanent establishment of its own.

Besides Azad Jammu & Kashmir Council – a body of representatives headed by the Prime Ministers of Pakistan as its Chairman also functions as per provisions of the AJK Interim Constitution Act 1974.

A system of local Government is also provided by the relevant law passed by the Assembly whereby local governments work at the level of District, Tehsil, Town and Union Council / Village.

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The State of Jammu & Kashmir also famous as “Paradise on Earth” is situated on the north of India and Pakistan.

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