Taxation Services

Income tax
Sales tax
Excise and customs
Property & Wealth Tax
Stamp duty
Filing of Periodical Returns and Statements
Taxation Advisory & Consultancy
Departmental Appeals & Representations
Legal Proceedings and Appeals before Superior Courts


Labour & Service Laws

Trade Unions and CBA Matters
Labour Cases
Labour Petitions
Legal Returns and Statutory Compliances
Service Appeals

Family and Children Matters

Matrimonial Matters
Divorce / Khula
Forced Marriages
Jactitation of Marriages
Conjugal Matters
Maintenance of wife
Guardianship of the Person of Minors / Wards
Guardianship of the Property of Minors / Wards
Custody of Minors / Wards
Maintenance of Minors / Wards
Forced Removals of the Minors
Welfare of the Minor Children


Civil Matters

Specific performance of contracts
Recovery of Money / Property
Rendition of Accounts
Perpetual Injunctions
Temporary Injunctions
Easement Rights – Protection and Enforcement
Compensation for Damages & Legal Injuries – Torts
Prior Purchase / Pre-emption Rights


Land Revenue / Land Matters

Registration of Mutations
Correction of Land Records / Settlement Records
Registration of Sale Deeds / Gift Deeds
Title of land and Immoveable Properties
Power of Attorney - Special and General
Partition of Land & Immoveable Properties
Departmental Petitions, Applications & Representations
Review Petitions
Constitutional Remedies


Criminal Matters

Prosecution of Criminals & Wrong Doers
Defense of Bogus , False and Concocted Allegations / Criminal Cases
Crimes Against Persons
Crimes Against Properties
Crimes Against State
Cyber Crimes
Islamic Laws - Hadd & Tazir
Review Petitions
Bail Before Arrest
Bail After Arrest
Cancellation of Bail
Confiscation of Bail Bond / Surety
Contempt of Courts


Special Laws

Banking Matters – Loans and Recovery
Insurance Disputes
Trade Marks, Copy Rights, Royalties etc.
Media and Communications
Environmental Laws
Consumers Rights & Protections
Human Rights
Immigration and Visa Matters


Constitutional matters

Fundamental Rights, Safe-guards & Protections
Constitutional Petitions Before Superior Courts
Election Matters


Compensation / Mangla Dam Raising Project

Land Compensation
Built Property Compensation
Common Lands / Properties Compensation
Apportionment of Compensation
Dispute about Title of Properties
Objections to Award Proceedings
Reference Applications


Global / International Professional Services

Local Investigations on Behalf of Foreign Courts and Authorities
Advisory in local laws and Procedures
Co-ordination Between Parties for Settlement of Their Disputes
Service of Orders and Notices of Foreign Courts and Authorities
Arbitration & Reconciliation between Parties 


Library & Publication

Mianjee Associates is equipped with reasonably good size Library for research and reference purposes.

About JK & AJK

The State of Jammu & Kashmir also famous as “Paradise on Earth” is situated on the north of India and Pakistan.

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