We undertake Human Rights activities through Jammu Kashmir Human Rights Forum (JKHRF).

The Forum is purely a voluntary body. The District President Raja Muhammad Mustaq and his team have dedicated all their resources for the cause of Human Rights. Major achievements of the Forum are listed hereunder for ready information of the general public

  • In 2008, the Forum got released a Kashmiri girl who was jailed in India since long. The girl arrived her home due to the efforts of JKHRF.

  • In 2010, the Forum succeeded in their efforts for getting released one Mr. Mobeen of District Kotli who was arrested by the Police at Lahore in a fake and factious criminal case and was sentenced to imprisonment by the Lahore Court without affording him any opportunity to defend himself. JKHRF voluntary legal aid service, on getting knowledge of his case, filed appeal in Lahore Court which was decided in favor of Mr. Mobeen and he was released by the Court after hearing his appeal.

  • In 2005, the JKHRF forcefully protested against the custodial killing (by Mirpur Police Force) of one Amjad who was a Pakistani citizen working at Mirpur and was arrested by Mirpur Police on fake charges. He was murdered during investigations by the police. Due to JKHRF protest, the murderers were arrested and taken to justice. Mr. Amjad belonged to a very very poor family but won their case honorably.

  • In 2004, Mirpur Police succeeded in arresting a gang of drug traffickers along with 45 Kg intoxicating Charas which was being sold / supplied to youth in Mirpur and surrounding areas.

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